Torae - Soulspazm


With Torae’s constant presence on the music scene it’s hard to believe that “For The Record” is his debut album. Since dropping 2008’s “Daily Conversation” mixtape & 2009’s “Double Barrel” with producer Marco Polo he has been an underground mainstay. Much like “Daily,” Torae enlists the best of the best producers to provide the soundtrack to his narrative. When asked about having no other MC’s featured on the project Torae replied, “No one can tell my story like me.” The intro paints a picture you can visualize of Torae at his high school graduation ceremony, choosing a career in music over heading to college. He thinks to himself, “In two years when I’m double platinum, they’ll get it.” From that moment you experience all of his ups & downs on the road to becoming one of hip hop’s elite. The rugged grit of “Shakedown” shows Torae is playing for keeps boasting witty wordplay over one of 9th Wonder’s hardest tracks, while the melodic “Panorama” gives us a glimpse of Torae’s more personal side. Webisodes chronicling the making of “For The Record” are scheduled to air in partnership with BET Digital.